In honor of Toby's Birthday!

Post your memories, thoughts or stories in honor of Toby’s birthday -4 Nissan.

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  1. Grammy Marlene said:

    A day doesn’t pass without a thought about our beloved Toby. I feel her radiance every day. Lightness, luminescence, joy — that was Toby.

    Her smile, her eagerness to help, her love of learning come to mind constantly.

    Fond memories include the very small girl going with me by train into New York for Daughter’s Day at her father’s law firm, trudging along, carrying her backpack over the many blocks, the little girl with her nose in a book, sitting beside the pool in Connecticut, the young girl directing Camp Eagle at the table on the back porch to the delight of her sister and brothers, the teenage girl taking me all around Chicago on a beautiful September weekend, and the always generous Toby at 20 sharing her small lunch with me and her cousin Hayley when the museum’s lunch room was closed.

    So much joy, such beauty, so short a time.

  2. Uncle Milton said:

    I’m not sure if any one time of the year is better or more propitious to think about or remember our dear Toby, A”H.

    I guess that over the years we saw her many, many times, but we really didn’t get to know her well enough. I don’t think I ever saw her looking sad or gloomy. She was always so upbeat and had an amazing optimistic attitude about everything. Anyone who met Toby couldn’t help being touched by her.

    I remember when she was in her seminary year here, and we invited her to come for a visit. We didn’t know that our bus company had changed the location of their starting station in Yerushalayim. I probably would have been much more frustrated trying to find the bus than she was when she came to visit us here. Thanks to her positive attitude, she just went with the flow, and fortunately we got to see her before she left Israel.

    Toby was a beautiful neshama, who made the world a better, brighter, more bearable place. When she was taken away, a little bit of all that went, too.


    U.M. (& Aunt Ceil)

  3. Cousin Judy & family said:

    Toby was a bright and sensitive and lovely woman and we are privileged to have know her.

    Judy, David, Jordana and Evan

  4. Yoel Moore said:

    May all that Toby Z”L stood for and belived in be a blessing and a guide/insparation to her family and to all of klal yisrael & may the intire family find love,comfort,blessing and peace from all who know them,We love you Mishpachat Eagle! MASHIACH NOW!

  5. So, for this birthday, I am remembering that no matter what challenge Toby faced, she always approached it with a smile. Nothing could hold her back from accomplishing the task in front of her. She inspired others around her to laugh and enjoy, and at the same time could gently remind you to grow into the person you were meant to be. Infectious smile, always with simcha, eager to explore the wonders of the world, devoted to HaShem and the Rebbe’s work. May her legacy continue to help each of us strive to fulfill our mission in this world, and bring Moshiach. May we all merit to understand and appreciate our blessings.

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